clean eating seminar

Clean Eating Seminars

Do you want to boost your weight-loss or have more energy throughout the day? Do you wish you could sleep more soundly or have a greater feeling of overall happiness? If you answered "Yes" to any or all of these, then our Eating Clean For Staying Lean seminar would be right for you!

This seminar will start with the basics:

  • What exactly does clean eating mean?
  • The why behind the concept of clean eating.
  • Eating organic vs. non-organic.
  • What to buy and not to buy.
  • How to navigate the grocery store
  • How to begin implementing changes in your diet today.

food prep seminar

Hands-On Food Prep Seminars

Struggling to get healthy meals together on weeknights? Stressed trying to squeeze in work, kid's activities, your workout AND getting food on the table? It's all about being prepared!

Being prepared not only saves time, but also keeps you on track with healthy eating choices during the week. Remember, "If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail"!

Bring a friend and join Core Essentials Fitness for a hands-on seminar focusing on what you can do during the weekend to get you prepped and ready for a week of healthy eating. You will walk away from this seminar with great tips and LOTS of food!

metabolism seminar

Boosting Your Metabolism Seminars

Are you struggling with losing weight? It's quite possible that your well-intentioned efforts are sabotaging your ability to reach your health and fitness goals.

In our class, you will learn how and what to eat to boost your metabolism and shed body-fat. You will also learn how you can exercise more efficiently to maximize your time and get the most benefit from your workouts.

Sign up for one of our Firing Up Your Metabolism seminars and we will show you how to kick your metabolism into high gear to help you look and feel great!

grocery tour

Grocery Store Tours

Do you find yourself lost in the maze of labels and nutritional information? Looking at food packaging can be extremely misleading. Don't be deceived by product labels and names any more! It can be difficult to know what belongs in your cart and what you should steer clear from, but it doesn't need to be!

Join Core Essentials Fitness for our "It Starts At The Cart" grocery store tour and learn how you can make healthier food choices.

Our Personalized Grocery Store Tour is available for individuals or small groups. Contact us to schedule yours today!!

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